Calshot Beach with Hasselblad 500cm + Fomapan 200

Camera : Hasselblad 500cm
Film : Fomapan 200
Developer : CineStill DF96 Developer + Fix Monobath

When I saw Parallax Photographics email sharing their second Fomapan 400 review I thought ‘ooo I need to try that!’, swiftly followed by ‘hang on, I think I might have some rolls of that on my film shelf. Not quite the 400, but I had a couple of rolls of Fomapan 200 which I had bought in bulk order a couple of months ago and neglected to use yet.

And so I loaded one in a Hasselblad back and headed to our local Calshot beach, in gale force winds to try it out.

strange colours on black and white film

I developed this in CineStill DF96 Developer + Fix Monobath, the first time I’d used that particular kit. I’ll share more about how I got on soon.

I loaded this roll and a roll of long expired Ilford FP4 into a tank and developed them together. Some funky chemistry occurred and the Fomapan negatives ended up with green looking light leaks (see above) and a huge blob of blue jelly in the tank at the end. Unsure if it’s the film on the reel slightly off or some other magic - but either way - I’m digging it.

Oddness indeed - but I’m a big fan of quirks, and of the bubbles pattern on these negatives. I other words I need to do gentler agitation ( or viva la bubbles and keep things rough and ready)