Calshot Beach with Hasselblad 500cm + expired 1974 Ilford FP4

Camera : Hasselblad 500cm
Lens : 50mm Sonar
Film : Ilford FP4, expired 1974
Developer: CineStill DF96 Developer + Fix Monobath 

The film was a late night eBay purchase and weekend with gales seemed like a good time to hit the beach and try it out. Nothing scream black and white to me like some moody weather.

Unlike the other expired films I’ve tried, this one didn’t cause any issues winding on or loading onto the metal developing reel (other than a couple of human error buckles!) I do love Ilford films and the fact their film has lasted so well really is a testament to the quality of the product.

I since read an article by Chris Roe about shooting expired film where he recommend shooting a stop down for ever y 10 years a film is expired. Noted for next time!

expired ilford fp4 hasselblad degrading

I developed this roll along with a roll of Fompan 200. Some funky chemistry occurred and the Fomapan negatives ended up with green looking light leaks, some of the outer edging on this Ilford roll wore completely off (see negative image above) and a huge blob of blue jelly in the tank at the end.