Basset hound on exposed and expired 1970's unknown film

Camera : Unknown
Film : Unknown (help!) 1970s
Developer: Tetenal Colortec C-41 

Why did I not make a note of the film?! Over-enthusiasm will be my downfall.

Can you work out what it might be from this?

expired ilford fp4 hasselblad degrading

Bought in a job lot of random rolls of exposed films, removed from cameras that I’m assuming some house-clearance type guys pulled out when eBaying the cameras. Some have dates they expired on, some don’t.

All I can work out is judging by the clothes it was shot in the 1970s on some panoramic medium format Hasselblad Xpan style camera.

I wish I had more information to share. 😬

I get properly excited by old rolls of exposed film. You don’t know what’s on them, you don’t know how time and temperature have effected them.

There always an initial I take of breath pulling the developed film from the roll - on a good day it would be a slice of 1960s or 1970s life, people and fashion. On a bad day it’s images from someone who took 12 shots of the same boat 😬 or worse a completely duff film. I’ve yet to see any genitals on old exposed film but if I ever do you will be the first to see...

In the case of this film I simply muttered ‘f*cking dogs*. Not that I dislike dogs, I have a lanky greyhound lying by my side right now, but hardly interesting subject matter I thought.

Initially I only thought one shot came out - turns out a few more did!


Stainless steel reels and my usual winding it on woes. Part of me wants to master it, and part of me doesn’t because I like the effect - either way I feel like I should work on getting it right and at least being able to control when I do and don’t wind it on the reel correctly.

I used standard developing times for the C-41 process.