Helpful Resources


When I started shooting film I knew nothing and quickly realised I needed to know the basics. I spent a lot of time Googling and searching YouTube, and I mean a lot. Below I share the best and easiest to understand resources I found, I’ll be updating this page periodically, so it could be handy to bookmark. Hopefully this list saves you some time!

Exposure - The Sunny 16 Rule

Whether or not your first film camera has a built in light-meter or not, the Sunny 16 Rule is the single most handy thing to learn. I read so many articles, usually with heaps of diagrams and I’m not ashamed to say they all confused me more, until I found this short YouTube video from forest Hills Film Lab. Straight talking, super basic - in a few minutes I knew exactly how to use the rule to exposure perfectly every time. If you only watch one video when you start film photography - this is the one.



Guide to Film Speed

Parallax Photographic are a great online and irl London based store, with some really helpful guides. In the article linked below you can learn what film speed is, how they vary and which to use for different conditions.